Thursday, October 30, 2008

hip-hop dj trick set, on...TAPE DECKS!!!!!!!! about innovation. Watch this guy's whole set it gets better as it goes on. What's next 8 tracks?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

great VW commercial

Harder Faster Stronger Athritis hands of Fury

This is something that Mezmer dropped in my lap last night and I had to share it cause its dope as hell. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Monday, October 27, 2008

1031 Recordings 001

Your Dirty Habit - "Your Dirty Habit"
With Remixes by:
Computer Club
Trill Bass
Celerity & Doppler
Brent Voye

This release is being sold this month exclusively at

For more info hit up 1031 RECORDINGS MYSPACE


BillMadeMeDoIt postergirl


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Im probably losing it but we will just play along

This is something that i cooked up for breakfast, and just like breakfast its quick 36 mins. been toying around with some new tunes and this was felt natural.

It's called "I had to get something off my chest"

click on the title and you should be redirected.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jay Dub "It's Getting Fucking Cold Outside" October Chart

Hello all.  First off, Thank you to Midnite Ace for inviting me on the blog.  It's been nice to meet some good peeps who really love what they do.  I've been asked to contribute some charts so here ya go...

Chart Intro:

  Yeah let's face it, Summer is over.  Seriously. Other than the avid skiier/snowboarder, who really looks forward to the winter. So in light of my obvious state of depression this month I put together a list of some, well, deep tracks (with a tech flare).  Deep house is ultimately my vice that keeps me somewhat from going insane.  It keeps me warm inside.  So enjoy.  What else is there to do in the cold?

1. Leigh Morgan, Scope- Transmission- Urbantorque 
2. Shed- Another Wedged Chicken- Ostgut Ton
3. Robert Babicz- Enjoy- Defrag
4. The Timewriter- Reverence- Plastic City
5. David Durango- Move With Me- Poker Flat
6. Knee Deep- Nightwaves- Knee Deep Recordings
7.Matthias Tanzmann- Swim (Peter Dildo Swimming in Deep Water Remix)- Moon Harbour
8.Djuma Soundsystem- Small Fries- Get Physical Music
9.Kenny Larkin- Glob- Planet E Communications
10. Superlounge- Cuba (The Fix Edit)- Yeah:no Recordings

Randy "40 Grand" Robinson

There are people in life that you meet and you will never forget. Its as if life sprung through them, filled them in a way that was unseemingly possible. Randy aka 40 Grand was one of those people. His life, his hustle, his real love for everyone came throught in any encounter. One of the realist people I have ever met and this light that left the Charlotte Community will be missed. He was a father to five and left in his sleep on October 15, 2008. Speople are looking for a spark, he was born with it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quail eggs and the power within..

If people want to know why at some point I can pull off one decent mix in a 2 hour set its all due to the power of the quail egg. I hope someone else can harness this secret power from the unborn quail. I, like the quail, am a flightless bird who will never fly the sky of international fame due to my genetic makeup. Pre ordained height has hampered my ability to play at clubs where the decks are placed for significantly shorter people. This leaves me out of all of Asia and Willy Wonkas factory where the Oompa Loompa's live(I would be so happy there!).

This geographical absess due to reasons beyone my control will keep me from ever really being an international Artist.... Damnit....

Here is a chart for the month and soon a mix will follow. This chart contains some new and some old tracks I have fallen in love with whatever reason.

Midnight Ace aka Midnite Ace aka Midnite Tyson aka Neutralonious aka Zebulon 8 October Chart:

  1. Reckoner - Diplo Remix - Radio Head - this track is awesome and deserves an award of some type.

  2. Sister Rose - Various Production Remix - Ian Brown - nice dubstep track with lots of legs and sickly white boy vocals which turn me on! woot!

  3. My Moon My Man - Boys Noize Remix - Feist - the production on this track is in my book unparalell, this deserves its own genre in my book

  4. The Messiah - Computer Club and Le Castle Vania - this shit is crazy awesome like dnb house from the land of the shit! This colaboration is a real treat.

  5. Tic Toc - Rye Rye & M.I.A. dope track feels like real hip hop to me, got pop, got soul and a voice that knows no compromise

  6. Boxon Says Hello - Eclier - Umm this is something else that really gets me going the strings on this track are crazy as hell and I would marry the long haired Russian disco master!

  7. Midnight Swim - Surkin Drowning Mix - Para one - different flow here but had to be posted due to the obvious shout out in the title to the M.A.

  8. Grindhouse - Dubfire Terror Planet Remix - Radio Slave - this track say Fuck you in the best way!

  9. Planisphère Part 2 - Justice - I play this over and over again cannot get enough of the French and the China!

  10. Stand on the Word - Keedz - this is a gospel disco track? whatever its dope find it and listen!

I also will drop some tracks off Thanos 32 track album that we mixed down last weekend. Hope you enjoy!



Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chicken soup beer and Kung Fu

well its another morning ish time and we are continuing the evening/ morning/ whatever with beer and chicken soup. Listening to Dj Krush Ki-Oku it all fits in some way. Will be posting a New Mix with a full track list.

Stay away from danger and cold medicine, work hard and live like you forget everything.

I don't know how to access those fonts but Justice recieves a full schedule one thumbs up for Phantom pt. II and the cross that shows up under the title. damn the french and china and all the goodness that comes from them.

if you know then hello, will have more to say after some production.

oh and a video that needs to be posted here is: